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The Music of Trees


by Ryan J. Bush, Ph.D.

foreword by Katherine Ware

108 pages

12" x 11 3/4"

$65.00 US

available on Amazon

Internationally-exhibited photographer Ryan J. Bush takes viewers on a journey through three series of tree photographs, and three different ways of seeing — from ordinary consciousness, to the imaginal world of the psyche, and the visionary consciousness of connection with everything that is beyond our ordinary selves.

A Singing Wire


by Virginia O. Bush, M.A.

and Ryan J. Bush, Ph.D.

162 pages

6" x 9"

$26.95 US

available on Amazon

This collaborative book features lyrical and evocative poems by Virginia O. Bush, and abstract, multiple-exposure, and 3-D photographs by Ryan J. Bush. This book is a duet across decades as their work indirectly influenced each other over the years, serving as a model for how we are stronger together when we raise our voices in harmony.

From Wandering to Illumination: The New

Eleusinian Mysteries

by Ryan J. Bush, Ph.D.

250 pages

12" x 11 3/4"

$75.00 US


This book weaves together the mandala-like 3-D multiple-exposure photographs of Ryan Bush from his series "From Wandering to Illumination", along with the story of the Ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries (which for thousands of years were effective at introducing people to the mysteries of our true nature), and our modern effort to reconnect with consciousness and soul on both the personal and collective levels.

Available on Amazon

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