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The New Eleusinian Mysteries

by Ryan J. Bush, Ph.D.

with a foreword by Frans Stiene

248 pages, 94 full-color photographs

Book dimensions: 12" x 11 3/4"

ISBN #978-0-9993930-2-4

Release date  6/25/2021

Retail price: $80.00 US


This book weaves together Bush's 3-D multiple exposure photographs of trees, along with the ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries (which were effective for thousands of years at introducing people to the mysteries of our true nature, and that of the world), and our modern effort to reconnect with soul on both the personal and collective levels. A pair of red/cyan 3-D glasses is included to help immerse ourselves in the images and the experience.

As City Books Review says, "The symbolism in each piece challenges the viewers to consider the mysteries each photograph holds, waiting to be unlocked. Just like Bush’s other works, From Wandering to Illumination allows reflection and meditation on each piece before turning a page and seeing the evolution that is present within ourselves. The book keeps readers engaged and leaves them wanting more while contemplating the order of the natural world."

The photographs progress from black-and-white photographs of bare trees in winter, representing the state of ‘Wandering’ (the ordinary consciousness of our ego, monkey mind, grasping mind, or the lower level of functioning when we’re in the grip of strong emotions, suffering or dysfunction), to color photographs of trees in spring and summer, representing the state of Illumination or awakening. ​


Just as Persephone was taken away to the underworld, and Demeter wandered the Earth looking for her daughter everywhere, we face a similar loss of soul today on both the personal and collective levels. Our world is very much lost and wandering, with all the mass shootings, corporate greed running amok, infatuation with strongmen, etc.

Fortunately, if we realize that we’re Wandering, it really is possible to wake up. It’s time for us to drop the veil that has kept these mysteries hidden in esoteric symbolism, locked behind the doors of monasteries, and only taught to the chosen few.  

The Postscript of this book outlines twelve techniques that can help on our journey, including how to ground, balance, and tune ourselves. These tools can help facilitate awakening, but can be useful in our daily lives as well. If we don’t want to keep Wandering, we have all the tools we need to wake up.


“The symmetry and three-dimensionality give the images a kaleidoscopic patterning and eerie depth, with tree canopies converging in diamond, star-shaped, and spiral geometries that recede from the viewer. Bush’s photos, with their arresting mix of abstract spatial harmonies and vital, earthy textures, are a visual feast that many will enjoy. ” — Kirkus Reviews

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