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Duets of Poems & Photographs

by Virginia O. Bush, M.A.

and Ryan J. Bush, Ph.D.

162 pages, 69 full-color images

Book dimensions: 6" x 9"

ISBN #978-0-9993930-1-7​​

Available from Amazon, Bookshop Santa Cruz, and other retailers

Retail price: $26.95 US

This collaborative book features poems by Virginia Bush and photographs by Ryan Bush, a duet across decades as their work indirectly influenced each other over the years.  Images and text are presented on completely equal footing, rather than one overshadowing the other.  In this way, the book presents a model for how we can relate to each other in harmony and cooperation, combining our individual strengths into a greater whole, rather than the me-first approach that runs rampant in our modern world.


What others are saying about A Singing Wire:

"There is magic in this mother-son duet.  The poems walk the earth, are heartbeat and the passion of memory.  The images float, are luminous patterns, sensuous flower and plant forms, sky-lit trees.  They sing in harmony or in contrapuntal melody.  They delve deep into the mythic, rise high into the mystic where “each moment slips its shining noose/around infinity.” A Singing Wire is a wonder and an enchantment.  Immerse yourself in it, your soul will thank you."

— Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Author of The Rabbi, the Goddess and Jung, and The Faust Woman Poems

"By pairing poetry and photography, the written word and the visual image, A Singing Wire allows us to experience a rich emotional journey, with harmonies strengthened by the lifelong interaction of mother and son."

— Deborah Klochko, Executive Director and Chief Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego


"Art making, while often a solitary endeavor, does not exist in a vacuum.  This beautiful collaboration between poet and photographer, mother and son, artist and artist, is a poignant example of how seamlessly and successfully disparate art forms can combine to create something altogether new."

— Cathy Kimball, Executive Director, San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art

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